Keep in mind this article is not tailored to a specific country. That means a country might have implemented certain rules that impact, in one way or another, the questions presented below. It’s not just about the end result, but about trying to do the right thing, the best it can possibly be done.

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“Opportuncrisis”, some people say. During this COVID-19 crisis, we have the unique opportunity to do something unique about our society: observe how companies behave towards their employees, their customers and the world in general. …

After spending a few months as a Technology Manager at Just Eat, I have to admit I’m impressed with the culture I’ve encountered, especially with regards to the support and trust in the engineering teams. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to write a brief article with first-hand observations about the people and culture at Just Eat that you won’t find in a job spec, unlike company benefits or tech initiatives.

Hopefully, the takeaway of this article (no pun intended), will be why Just Eat has a fantastic engineering culture, making it a great place to…

There is one behaviour I’ve seen many times in my professional career that I will never understand: leaders — or at least that’s what they call themselves — not trusting their employees. I’ve had managers with that mentality and I’ve seen managers from other teams thinking that way.

Their leading style dictates that you, as a leader, shouldn’t fully trust your employees until they prove you wrong. Sometimes, these managers will admit this is how they think, but in most of the cases, their actions will speak louder than their words.

Not trusting your employees is a terrible way of…

We all wish we were more experienced in life or that we had more and better information when we had to make an important decision. How many times do we tell ourselves something along the lines of ‘Oh, I wish I knew that back then…’? Unfortunately — or fortunately — that’s not how life works. There is a famous proverb that says that ‘experience is the comb life gives you when you are bald’. We can’t change the past, but we can and we should learn from it to help ourselves and the next generations.

This article should be particularly…

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